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There is nothing gone but somethings missing....

SO,I know its been FOREVER since you last talked to me and I have been going through withdraws. Here is my deal, I live and Florida and I was SOOOO excited to go to the Ingram Hill/ Hanson show with my best friend on September 5th because we love Hanson and I LOVE Ingram Hill, but, it just so happens that on September 5th hurricane Frances decided to hit RIGHT where I live and cancel the show. I live in an evacuation zone so I had to leave immediately and there hasnt been any rescheduled dates. I was so angry because I havent seen Ingram Hill live since February 22nd, and I need a fix. Sorry if I am rambling but I am really furious. I mean, I baught my best friend a ticket for her birthday and everything. It was just one horrible mess.

Just thought Id share.

<33, Jessica
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