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I met them

Last friday night I met Ingram Hill at the Jesse McCartney concert. When they came out to perform no one was standing up,everyone was just sitting their watching them. So I felt bad and I stood up along w/my sister and we started yelling for them and rocking out. Shea kept looking at me and my sister and he kept on laughing at us, and I was like that's because they love me.

At one point Justin was like "those seats look comfortable, why don't u all stand up, you'll like this one. Or I'll tell Jesse" something, like that. So not even half way through the song everyone, but me, my sister and 3 other girls were still standing everyone else sat down. And Phil kept on jumping up and down while playing and no one was jumping so I felt bad, so whenever he was jumping I would start jumping too. And I think Justin thinks he's elvis w/ all the hip swing he did on stage, but I'm not complaing. :wink: :wink:

So they go and sign autographs, and the 2 girls who were running it said buy their cd, and you'll be stamped to meet them. So I was like what I don't have any money, why can't they just sign my ticket, why do I have to pay to meet them? And their like no, no u can still meet them, and I told them about when I met Justincase and I had to pay to get their autograph, and they told me u can still meet them. I get inline, and then they go to me did u get your hand stamped? I said no, and their like u can't meet them, so I was like I'm not moving. Few secs, later the head guy comes to me and ask the same thing and I was like fine I'll leave, but I don't think it's fair that I can't let them sign my ticket, it's not that I don't have anything for them to sign, and the girl goes do u think it's fair to the people who got their cd, and who are waitng. And I was like I'm broke, I'm not gonna pay to meet them.

Then the guy goes to the lady who was behind said u have to leave because u don't have a cd. He let her stay and I walked up to the guy and said"does she have a cd"? he looked at her and back at me and said no, but she's on the street team. I was like "How do u know she is"? and he said "I know all" So Now I'm more pissed off more then ever. Later on I get back in line and he tells my sister if I be good, and stay where he can see me he can either let get their autograph if their's time or he'll give me a free cd. Because I was "bitching and complaing". So he kept saying they have 10 mins before they leave...then he came back and said less then 10. Then he came to me and said their almost done, and Jesse's on and I was like "Yea, so" So I get my way and meet the guys. I go to Justin "Hey, u guys rock. I saw u when u opened up for hanson in Aug" he said "ahh thanks for coming over and saying hi" See I told u the guys love me.

So as they were leavin, me and my sister were a few inches away from them, and Justin starts dancing to Jesse and I was like to my sister see he's dancing, so I start to dance. We lost them through the sea of fans
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