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Ingram Hill fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ingram Hill fans

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COLD IN CALIFORNIA [22 Aug 2007|04:15pm]

For those who didn't already know,

the new album, Cold in California, came out yesterday.

Check it out...because it's reallllllly good.
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I met them [07 Jun 2005|04:57pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Last friday night I met Ingram Hill at the Jesse McCartney concert. When they came out to perform no one was standing up,everyone was just sitting their watching them. So I felt bad and I stood up along w/my sister and we started yelling for them and rocking out. Shea kept looking at me and my sister and he kept on laughing at us, and I was like that's because they love me.

At one point Justin was like "those seats look comfortable, why don't u all stand up, you'll like this one. Or I'll tell Jesse" something, like that. So not even half way through the song everyone, but me, my sister and 3 other girls were still standing everyone else sat down. And Phil kept on jumping up and down while playing and no one was jumping so I felt bad, so whenever he was jumping I would start jumping too. And I think Justin thinks he's elvis w/ all the hip swing he did on stage, but I'm not complaing. :wink: :wink:

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[23 May 2005|10:26pm]


I am new here but I've been an Ingram Hill fan for a while.  I absolutely love their music. They played here at Ohio State on Saturday and I got to meet Justin (what a sweetheart).  Seeing them live just made me so much more of a fan.  Amazing...

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Cleveland [18 May 2005|07:51pm]

[ mood | IH in concert again! ]

Is anyone going to the Cleveland concert June 8th at Tower City?

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New contest on the street team site! [20 Apr 2005|11:52pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Everyone!  

The street team has announced an excellent new contest with some great prizes to be won!  So ya'll should check it out!  Just click the banner and it will take you to the site :o)

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hi... [02 Apr 2005|09:53am]

http://profiles.myspace.com/users/6863599 I put new pics from last night on myspace. Just click view pictures : )

Any questions, or need to see more of my many pics just let me know
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[24 Mar 2005|10:02pm]

Let me preface my entry by saying this:
I am from Memphis, TN. I LOVE Ingram Hill. I have seen them countless times, in countless locations. I'm talking I was a fan of the Bamboozlers. I have their old cd, even.
Therefore, I was very excited to hear that they were coming to Cincinnati, OH at an awesome concert hall down the street from my house.

So, Tuesday night, I'm pumped about the show.

It's almost time... and I see the band!

Except.. who.. what.. who is that really skinny guy? Oh, it's Justin, who now looks like he does herion. He's so skinny and wearing a shirt that could fit my 10 year old cousin.. maybe. He was so hot the way he used to look. Now he just looks like a drug addict. And his hair? Did he perm his hair??!? It was huge. He used to have the best, naturally awesome hot hair I thought I'd ever see. I have to look twice to see if it's really him. And did Phil get highlights?!? Ok, images change. I'm ok with that.

Then, they started to play. The music has changed! It's really rock-y and loud. You can barely hear Justin sing. Honestly, I didn't really want to. He was singing on a much higher pitch than he should have been. His voice is so amazing; why are they trying to have such an edge now?

In short, I was very disappointed. I actually left early. Cincinnati was not digging them. No one was dancing, it was actually painful to watch. They did play "Call it my Way" which I love, because it sounded like the OLD band I loved.

I am aware that things change, but I thought Ingram Hill had such a good thing going with what they had. But they were better before. Is any other person in this community an oldschool fan and a bit disappointed on the changes they have made?
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IH on TV [25 Feb 2005|11:40am]

[ mood | good ]

Hey ya'll in case you weren't already aware, Ingram Hill are going to be on the CBS early Show tomorrow morning.   Make sure to watch it.   If you can't imagine the thought of getting up early on a saturday morning then tape it and watch it later! 

Also if you already haven't seen it, come by the street team site and read the 20 questions with each of the band members


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[21 Feb 2005|08:17pm]


Hey guys.. I stumbled upon a pretty awesome Hanson community.. Im posting a link incase any of you want to check it out. (Which I compleatly urge you ALL to do by the way.. )   Its called HansonxCore. Click the Picture hansonxcore community

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Hey everyone! [16 Jan 2005|09:48pm]

[ mood | loving Ingram Hill ]

If you haven't already joined the street team, you should definitely go do that right now:


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[30 Dec 2004|10:58am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I hope everyone has a very good holiday and a happy new year.
But down to business, I was watching ABC Family the other night when to my surprise I heard the lovely soundings of "Almost Perfect" complete with music video. Although I have the flu I still managed to jump around my house screaming "They were on TV!!!" After exerting so much energy I had no choice but to pass out. Its exciting watching them become more and more successful. Just thought I would share my moment of excitement with ya'll.
<3 Jessica

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There is nothing gone but somethings missing.... [21 Dec 2004|08:14pm]

SO,I know its been FOREVER since you last talked to me and I have been going through withdraws. Here is my deal, I live and Florida and I was SOOOO excited to go to the Ingram Hill/ Hanson show with my best friend on September 5th because we love Hanson and I LOVE Ingram Hill, but, it just so happens that on September 5th hurricane Frances decided to hit RIGHT where I live and cancel the show. I live in an evacuation zone so I had to leave immediately and there hasnt been any rescheduled dates. I was so angry because I havent seen Ingram Hill live since February 22nd, and I need a fix. Sorry if I am rambling but I am really furious. I mean, I baught my best friend a ticket for her birthday and everything. It was just one horrible mess.

Just thought Id share.

<33, Jessica
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Street Team [08 Dec 2004|01:16pm]


Ya'll know about the new street team, right?    Well if not then here's the link to the site and don't forget to join and start spreading the word of this great band! 

Click me to join the Ingram Hill Street Team

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A website made by me! [24 Nov 2004|07:25pm]


Hey guys! I'm working on an Ingram Hill website. It is just using geocities with yahoo so its not the best, but its dedicated to the best band ever. aka Ingram Hill ;) So check it out please! oh and sign the guestbook! :)

Click Here To Visit My Site!

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question [20 Sep 2004|10:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've never posted in here before but joined awhile ago. I've become a fan of Ingram Hill since seeing them with Jonny Lang a few months back.

I like going to their website and looking around but I have nothing but problems with the forum. If I click on it just to even read messages my computer gets bombarded with pop-ups (even though I have a pop-up blocker) and all this spyware installs itself on my computer. Then I have to spend at least an hour getting rid of it. It's frustrating and so going to the forum isn't worth it. Has anyone else ran into this problem or is my computer just jacked up?

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check it out! [04 Sep 2004|09:54pm]


hey guys! theres a new ingram hill community in town.. this time its icons!



check them out!!

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[03 Sep 2004|03:40pm]

Hey guys!

I just thought I would say hello to all you fellow IH fans! I saw them in Lancaster and Scranton, PA with Hanson (like I'm sure many of you did) and just fell in love. I met them all after the Lancaster show, and they were all SO nice, which just makes me love their music even more. They really seem like such a genuine group of guys. I had a broken foot when I was at the Lancaster show and I had a hot pink cast on my right foot/leg and all of the guys signed it for me!! They were so sweet about it. Every time I introduce people to IH's music, I have to tell them that they all signed my cast. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, since I've been a member for awhile but hadn't posted. I'm looking for some new friends, so feel free to add me and I'll add you back!

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I <3 ingram hill [04 Aug 2004|09:10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

yeah the guys are getting bigger..seen them on cnn and lyrics.com also..i sure love them! <3

i love ingram hill

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HEY!! [31 Jul 2004|01:49pm]

Hey everyone!! Today I was looking for some lyrics on lyrics.com and at the bottom of the page where it features new artists were some Ingram Hill sound clips! They're gettin out there guys :)
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[26 Jul 2004|01:51pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi all! Im New! My name is Lindsay and i hail from the "great state" of New Hampshire....I first heard of Ingram hill when they came to Hampton Beach last tuesday...Ever sense i have been obsessed...they were really awesome live. I was sooo impressed...I have never seen a group of guys play with that much passion before in my life! I guess thats all for now...


<3 Linds

"Speeding through a familar town i dont know all to well"

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